Translation for "Calendar templates"?Redaktar

You are right, let’s try to be careful. I don’t know exactly what will be the content of these templates which you plan. If there will be many of them “kalendariala shabloni” is fine. But why not use simply “kalendario” as the name of template and under that in subcategories the names of the months (or so)? Artomo 09:32, 28 di novembro 2010 (UTC)

Use Esperanto when no translation is availableRedaktar

Hello, please give a look. --Nemo bis (talk) 20:04, 24 di decembro 2016 (UTC)

I looked at it. My personal thought: If there is no equivalent Ido words, then don't type in Esperanto words, as it may confuse the reader. Think of it this way: Imagine yourself reading an English text interspersed thoroughout with Chinese characters. Now that would be unnatural and difficult. I know it's somewhat of an exaggeration, but I hope the point is made here. Of course a rough translation of any text can be made and placed in wiki sandboxes with an eye for future moving to mainspace. Also, one can always put in requests for new Ido words over at It is my understanding that this Ido Wiktionary is mostly a one guy's effort...quite Herculean! I hope that clarifies the matter!
By the way my Ido skill is very weak. My number one goal on Ido wikipedia: get 1000 most important articles written up and put there, and hopefully make Ido Wikipedia reach a worthy milestone of some sort (yet to be decided! LOL!) --TheBlueWizard (talk) 04:17, 31 di decembro 2016 (UTC)