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Sometimes the work day almost dusk, I suddenly felt afraid, because the darkness is coming ...... watching dusk means pass from the side of the crowd, some busy day displayed tired, some joy after work, and me ...... That was twenty years ago now , there is a strain under his home yard Xichuang willow peach , of course, is planted in your hands . In summer, leaves flowers of a tree , the squeeze squeeze pay to pay , and gave the crowd a palm-sized yard gone . You something all right feet bounced around Liu Tao turn , blessed palm clapping beat , yelling , attracted more than half of the village people came to see flowers. To settle your hands , put it even dug up the soil , plummeted to an old barrels , people moved into the house, like Qujin new wife a house pleasant . A green house in winter can warm an entire family . Primroses bloom the second year , when you like a daughter married to pass , as she carefully with water to scrub clean, and then planted in the fertile soil in the back yard . At that time I thought , ah, a long-suffering woman, and my heart can escape hold something so pure and beautiful .
Lin Feng fretting, and you blew away the bamboo deep exchanges, blowing cold, sober and your gentle warmth lingering. Or that we encounter in the bamboo forest, listening to each other's prelude. Sough of the wind that year but could not see your faces and voices. As if to stop the flow of air, my spirit no longer stay late, rushed to the front of your gentle Phantom. Are all empty! But the soles of bamboo residues, heavy residual fragrance you unhappy.
'''Parento''' esas persono qua esas membro di la [[familio]] (di ulu) per nasko o mariajo.
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