Uzanto Debato:Joao Xavier: Diferi inter la revizi

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:Whatever Mithridates and you decide about the image, it can be done, but I shall not interfere in discussions about a person's image that is not my property at all. My very best regards, [[Uzanto:Joao Xavier|Joao Xavier]] ([[Uzanto Debato:Joao Xavier|diskuto]]) 00:47, 31 mar. 2020 (UTC)
::[[:io:User:MGA73]], [[:io:User:Joao Xavier]] It's indeed a picture of me taken by me, but I won't be using it or even bothering to add a copyright notice so we can delete it. [[Uzanto:Mithridates|Mithridates]] ([[Uzanto Debato:Mithridates|diskuto]]) 01:41, 31 mar. 2020 (UTC)
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